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Urethane/epoxy blend that resists wear due to impacting of vehicular loadings, and resists cracking at low temperatures.

The Smidcrete® C is a rapid-setting ambient-cured polyurethane material compounded with a silicate/sand mixture to form a durable nosing material for expansion joint applications. It has excellent flexibility and load bearing characteristics, and is not prone to cracking or spalling. 
Applications include parking decks, access ramp and bridge decks where vehicles generate excessive loadings. It can be used in conjunction with a number of expansion joint systems, including the SM, CS, SR, AR and SCP systems.
The Smidcrete® C Elastomeric Concrete secures the expansion joint profile to the concrete deck. The product outperforms traditional nosing materials such as concrete, epoxy and asphalts. These materials historically experienced breakdowns due to cracking, and therefore allowed moisture and corrosives to penetrate and deteriorate the concrete deck. The result enabled the moisture to go around the expansion joint system to the joint gap, and ultimately debond and break apart the nosing itself.

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